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Workers For Warriors has everything you need to get your commercial property or municipal property looking as clean and professional as your business. We have a wide selection of landscaping tools at our disposal to take on any job.

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Commercial Landscaping Equipment

Workers For Warriors has access to a full array of commercial landscaping equipment.

  • Zero-turn-radius riding mowers give the best grass-cutting coverage possible.
  • Backpack leaf blowers have the power to clear leaves and debris from commercial properties of any size.
  • Personal Protective Gear (PPE) such as gloves and ear protection keep landscapers safe while they’re on the job.
  • Commercial hedge trimmers keep a property’s hedges looking clean and crisp.

The full suite of commercial landscaping tools is always at arm’s reach through Workers For Warriors. Call today to learn how our Veteran landscapers in Pennsylvania can service your commercial or municipal property.

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Riding Lawn Mowers for Commercial Landscaping

Zero-turn-radius riding mowers are a very powerful tool for commercial landscaping. They move up to two times faster than a normal riding mower and can turn 180 degrees while remaining in one place. This allows WFW landscapers to quickly mow an entire commercial property or municipal property while achieving the cleanest lines and borders possible.

Zero-turn-radius riding mowers are perfect for larger properties in Pennsylvania, such as business campuses, parks, or golf courses. Our professional landscapers operate zero-turn-radius riding mowers expertly and trim your lawn to perfection. Request a commercial landscaping quote for your business or municipality in PA.

Leaf Blowers for Commercial Lawns

Backpack leaf blowers are an ideal choice for a commercial lawn. They provide more power than a basic leaf blower, so they can move more leaves and debris. Backpack leaf blowers allow landscapers to clear entire properties of leaves and debris in minimal time without putting too much wear on the users. Backpack leaf blowers are perfect for large commercial properties and other large outdoor spaces such as community parks, sports fields, and pools.

Workers For Warriors can schedule commercial landscape services to meet your business needs. The seasons will dictate how often leaves and debris will be an issue, and with WFW our lawn services are flexible depending on when you need assistance.

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Commercial Landscaper Hedge Trimmers

Gas powered commercial landscaper hedge trimmers have the power and consistency to keep every hedge clean and crisp. They save our Pennsylvania Veteran landscapers a ton of time and energy compared to manual hedge trimmers, and they can take on much tougher and larger jobs than electric hedge trimmers.

Gas powered commercial hedge trimmers are perfect for larger properties such as commercial campuses. Landscapers use gas powered hedge trimmers to make sure every hedge on a property is shaped perfectly.

Landscaper PPE

Safety is always a priority for the WFW workers, especially those doing physical work such as landscaping. Our commercial landscapers are exposed to risk from falling objects, grounded obstacles, sharp moving parts, particles in the air, and loud engines. Pennsylvania’s weather is also a factor in how we protect our municipal landscapers from extreme heat or slippery conditions from rain.

PPE provides protection from all of these things. Covers and guards such as helmets, gloves, safety shoes, and goggles help protect from objects, obstacles, and sharp parts. Lighter tools such as masks, earplugs, and respirators help protect from engine noise and particles in the air. Long sleeves may seem extremely hot in the summer, but it will protect our Veterans from skin damage!

Proper PPE allows landscapers to perform their jobs without fear of injury. Workers For Warriors takes pride in the safety of our Veterans by providing the tools to landscape safely.

Local Landscaping For PA Business Lawns

Workers For Warriors has a wide range of equipment for any commercial or municipal land care job in Pennsylvania. Whether your property is big or small, needs a little bit of care or a lot of attention, we only use the best tools available to us.

We work diligently to keep the outdoor spaces of your property as beautiful as they can be. See first-hand why Workers For Warriors is quickly becoming a respected name in the Veteran small-business community. Contact us today for a commercial landscaping quote in PA.

About the Author: Joe Webb
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Joe is a husband and father of two. He is a Pennsylvania native and a proud graduate of Penn State. He enlisted in the Army in 2003 and served in the 75th Ranger Regiment during his time in the military. He was a Ranger School graduate and had 2 deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. Joe created WFW to service a growing business need but also to give back and support Veteran organizations.