Flagging Services And Traffic Control Services In Pennsylvania

Workers For Warriors are proud to offer Pennsylvania traffic control and flagging services throughout the state. Our Veterans are PennDOT certified for traffic control services; controlling the flow of traffic near and around various Pennsylvania roads. Contact WFW today to schedule Veterans that can manage your traffic flagging needs in PA.

Traffic Control Services

Licensed and Insured Flagging Control Services

When large electronic signage or automated control devices are not practical, nor efficient, WFW can put the boots on the ground and safely control traffic at your site. We will evaluate your traffic control needs and provide you with the optimum number of flagging personnel, signage, and equipment to create the safest environment possible. Our Pennsylvania flagging crews can set up cones and barriers to establish new traffic patterns and also place proper signage throughout the work zone to alert and guide drivers.

WFW provides licensed and insured full-service flaggers in PA are highly trained Veterans that are certified professionals who take the greatest care in their responsibility for providing the safest work zone for everyone. Our Veteran flaggers #1 priority is to avoid and prevent dangers to motorists and workers in a particular work site. Our flagging services in PA protect your work, equipment, and crew by stopping, directing, and regulating traffic flow.

Industry Leading Traffic Control Services in PA

The use of flagging services for traffic control in Pennsylvania can be applied to a variety of government and commercial applications. Flagging services are commonly used for:

  • Construction sites
  • Community events
  • Paving and striping projects
  • Electrical and line works
  • Emergency and spill responses
  • Nightwork

Workers For Warriors Event Traffic Management in PA

Event Traffic Control

Workers For Warriors provides traffic control for special events such as:

  • Community events
  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Parades
  • Grand Openings
  • and more!

Workers For Warriors provided continuous traffic support during the Grand Opening of Dave’s Hot Chicken in Mechanicsburg. Due to high community turnout, our services were required for several weeks. Planning a store launch or event? Reach out to WFW for expert traffic control assistance.

PennDOT Certified Traffic Control Flaggers

Traffic Control Management

As safety being the highest priority of the flagging service, there are a number of safety components that are legally required in accordance with PA state law.

  • Flaggers are required to wear hard hats for all operations
  • ANSI Class 2 high-visibility fluorescent safety vest during daytime
  • ANSI Class 3 garments with even greater visibility for nighttime operations
  • Signaling equipment for optimum safety and visibility

Workers For Warriors employees are PennDOT certified traffic control flaggers. By law, Publication 213, Pennsylvania requires any individual who performs flagging duties on a public roadway in the commonwealth to be trained and successfully pass its certification examination. Certified, card-carrying, flaggers are valid for three-year intervals. Workers For Warriors has several certified PennDOT Veterans on staff that can assist, so email us today.

We’re Hiring! Start Your Career with Workers For Warriors

Regardless of the operation, only individuals that hold current traffic control certification can be legally utilized as a flagger in PA. The nature of the flagger’s duties places them on the frontline with the public. It is essential that flaggers exercise a high level of professionalism and awareness to avoid damage and injury. At Workers For Warriors, our flaggers exemplify that professionalism and are capable of the following skills:

  • Directing traffic by utilizing hand-held signs and signals.
  • Clear communication with colleagues, motorists, and construction personnel.
  • Locating and setting up effective signage and barriers.
  • Comfortable working with construction crews on various related tasks.
  • Keeping record of undisciplined and errant drivers.
  • Establishing alerts and escape routes in the event of an errant vehicle.

Learn about the qualifications and responsibilities of a traffic control flagger on our latest blog.

Traffic Control Services

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