Commercial Parking Lot Services

Workers For Warriors is a licensed and insured Veteran-Owned Small Business that services businesses and municipalities all across Pennsylvania. We specialize in commercial parking lot services and parking lot maintenance. Request a custom quote for your Pennsylvania business’ parking area services.

Parking Lot Services in Pennsylvania

Your parking lot is often the first impression your customers or clients see when entering your business. While parking areas are often overlooked by many commercial property owners in Pennsylvania, a well-maintained parking area dramatically improves the safety, appearance and functionality of the facility.

Workers For Warriors can accommodate businesses all across Pennsylvania with their parking lot maintenance and services. These services for parking lots can be set up as often as-needed or one-time. Call for a quote to get parking area services or maintenance.

Commercial Parking Area Maintenance

When it comes to the upkeep of your business parking lot, Workers For Warriors can help repair cracks (large and small), or do a full sealcoat of your business lot. We can also offer winter parking lot services such as snow removal. Continue reading to learn about our commercial parking area maintenance.

Parking Lot Resurfacing and Seal Coating Services

Seal coating services in a parking lot help to prevent cracks and potholes and is the most significant step to extend the life of your pavement. Pennsylvania’s weather takes a toll on many businesses’ pavement; the rainy spring, hot summers, snowy winters contribute to the heavy abuse. The volume of traffic also adds to its degradation.

If your PA business pavement looks faded or shows signs of wear and tear or cracking, let the skilled Veterans at Workers for Warriors assess if a parking lot resurfacing is needed. Our licensed and insured business seal coating services in Pennsylvania offer durability and affordability. Contact Workers For Warriors for your pavement sealing service.

Parking Lot Sealcoating in PA
Parking Lot Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing / Hole Sealing Services

If your pavement is beginning to crack and becoming riddled with holes, it may be time to enlist the service of Workers For Warriors. The smallest crack can lead to unsightly fissures, but also can lead to much more significant damage to your paved surfaces. Over time, cracks can lead to foundation issues, weed growth, and eventually potholes.

WFW’s asphalt or pavement crack sealing service means you don’t need to sealcoat your entire parking lot! Trust the experienced Veterans of Workers For Warriors to assess your Pennsylvania business pavement and prescribe the best course of action to revitalize your surface.

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Parking Lot Snow Removal Services

We all know how inconsistent the snowfall is in Pennsylvania. Sometimes we might go an entire winter without needing snow removal in PA, while some years can be much worse. Contact Workers For Warriors to discuss our Pennsylvania winter parking lot services:

  • Ice removal
  • Snow removal
  • Road Salt Application
  • Snow Plowing

Email WFW for commercial parking lot maintenance in Pennsylvania, feel free to include photographs!

Parking Lot Snow Removal Services
Parking Lot Striping Services

Parking Painting Services

Vibrant, clean pavement markings for your Pennsylvania municipality or business can create a positive impression for customers and clients as they arrive at your facility. Fresh parking lot paint can aid in limiting vehicle damage and injuries. It can also assist with business parking wayfinding, designated parking spaces, or permitted parking areas.

Get commercial parking painting in Pennsylvania with a licensed and insured Veteran-owned business.

Parking Lot Striping Services

Your business parking lot is a reflection of your product and services. Nothing makes a more positive impact on your potential customers or clients than a well manicured parking facility. Clear parking lot markings can significantly reduce potential driving and pedestrian accidents and liabilities. 

ADA Parking Painting Services

Recent revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have generated new requirements for parking space compliance. To become compliant, each facility can vary on its requirements. Some criteria for meeting the mandate parking spaces are:

  • The type of facility
  • Location of ADA accessible space in relation to the facility
  • Size of parking lot (total number of parking stalls)
  • Pavement conditions
  • Access walks and aisles
  • Gradient and slope of parking area
Handicap Parking Painting in PA

At Workers for Warriors, we will work with your PA business to make your parking lot ADA compliant. Our knowledgeable, licensed and insured team can install ADA signage and paint handicap parking markings on your business parking lot.

Fire Lane Painting

Fire Lane Painting

Fire lane painting and markings are also a requirement for facilities in Pennsylvania. While these regulations can vary depending on your property, the proper markings and signage for these areas is critical. Fire lanes are required to be clearly marked and are subject to routine inspection. For fire lane designation, several factors have to be considered:

  • Distance to building
  • Distance to fire hydrant
  • Length and width of the lane
  • Signage and marking visibility
  • Lane height clearances

At WFW, we can ensure that your fire lanes are clearly marked and meet fire lane regulations. Contact us for more information.

Misc. Pavement Marking for Business Parking Lots

At WFW, we offer a variety of other pavement markings. For some applications, a reflective raised pavement marker (RRPM) can enhance the safety and visibility in your parking lot. RRPMs are frequently used for STOP and DO NOT ENTER signs, where high visibility and reflectivity are needed.

We can also stencil miscellaneous pavement markings such as “No Parking,” “Reserved,” or any other customized wording. These stencils can be of all sizes and colors. If you’re looking to paint your commercial property’s parking lot, Workers for Warriors is licensed and insured and can provide your business with the highest quality pavement painting services in Pennsylvania.

Pavement Marking for Business Parking Lots

Why Should I Sealcoat My Business Parking Lot?

Smooth pavements equate to happy customers. Parking facilities are a necessity for most businesses and this area is often the first impression your clients or customers encounter. A smooth and well-maintained pavement, not only looks better, it will last up to 25% longer than rough, poorly maintained surfaces. Under common conditions, Workers For Warriors generally recommends resurfacing your parking lot with a quality seal coating every 3-5 years.

Obviously, this changes depending on factors such as traffic volume and how harsh the weather is. The economic advantage of maintenance over replacing pavement is unquestionable. Contact WFW to discuss the right parking lot services for your Pennsylvania business.

How Often Should I Repaint My Business Parking Lot?

Your parking lot should be repainted or restriped approximately every 2 years by industry standards. Some things that can impact this is the degree of wear and tear, and how protected your pavement is from the elements.

WFW is a licensed and insured company and can keep your parking facility looking fresh and vibrant with our parking painting services. There are a number of benefits to fresh paint in your parking lot such as:

  • Greater curb appeal
  • Economic-friendly, inexpensive upgrade
  • Increase parking spaces and organization of spaces
  • Reduce liability and hazards
  • Meet code compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction

WFW will provide you with the highest quality parking lot services.

Handicap Parking Painting in PA
Parking Lot Sealcoating in PA
Parking Lot Crack Sealing

Get Commercial Parking Lot Services In Pennsylvania

Workers For Warriors is more than just a Veteran commercial landscape company. WFW offers a wide range of commercial, municipal, and industrial maintenance and cleaning services. We aim to provide the highest quality service and make the greatest community impact of all of our competition. As a Veteran owned and operated company, our goal is to support those who have served our country while serving the local economy with the best in parking lot services. Contact licensed and insured Workers for Warriors today to request a free commercial parking lot service quote at (570) 369-3026.