Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Workers For Warriors is a licensed and insured Veteran-Owned Small Business that services businesses and municipalities all across Pennsylvania. We specialize in commercial parking lot services and parking lot maintenance. Request a custom quote for your Pennsylvania business’ parking area services.

Workers For Warrior’s Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Your business’s parking lot is often the first impression your customers or clients see when entering your business. While parking areas are often overlooked by many commercial property owners in Pennsylvania, a well-maintained parking area dramatically improves the safety, appearance, and functionality of the facility.

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Parking Lot Pavement Maintenance

  • Driveway Sealcoating
  • Asphalt Crack Filling
  • Lot Resurfacing and Sealcoating Services

Ensuring Functionality and Safety

  • Parking Lot Paving (New Asphalt Installation)
  • Asphalt Parking Lot Drainage Repair
  • Parking Lot Repainting
  • Snow Removal

Parking Lot Painting Services

  • Parking Line Striping
  • Handicap Parking painting
  • Fire Lane painting

Additional Services

  • Thermoplastic Pavement Marking
  • Misc. Parking Lot Painting

Workers For Warriors can accommodate businesses all across Pennsylvania with their parking lot maintenance and services. These services for parking lots can be set up as often as-needed or one-time. Call for a quote to get parking area services or maintenance.

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Commercial Parking Lot Services
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Commercial Parking Lot Services
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Commercial Parking Lot Services
Commercial Parking Lot Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Your parking lot should be repainted or restriped approximately every 2 years by industry standards. Some things that can impact this is the degree of wear and tear, and how protected your pavement is from the elements.

WFW is a licensed and insured company and can keep your parking facility looking fresh and vibrant with our parking painting services. There are a number of benefits to fresh paint in your parking lot such as:

  • Greater curb appeal
  • Economic-friendly, inexpensive upgrade
  • Increase parking spaces and organization of spaces
  • Reduce liability and hazards
  • Meet code compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction

On average, applying seal coating every 2 to 3 years is good. The recommended frequency depends on the volume of traffic and type of traffic. For example, parking lots with heavy truck traffic should be done more often to protect the asphalt and extend its life. Workers For Warriors can give you specific advice when we examine your parking lots and speak to you about your plans.

Preventive maintenance should be prioritized when the pavement is in good condition. This includes regularly sealing the asphalt (every 2-3 years) to shield it from wear and tear. Additionally, promptly addressing cracks while they are small and infrequent through crack sealing helps prevent them from growing into larger problems.

However, pavements inevitably encounter wear and tear. Corrective maintenance comes into play when addressing existing problems. This may involve more extensive crack repair and sealing, filling potholes, patching damaged pavement sections, and repairing drainage systems and curbs.

In rare instances, sudden and severe issues like sinkholes may arise, requiring emergency repairs. These emergencies might necessitate major rehabilitation or even reconstruction, potentially involving repairs to the underlying foundation before installing new asphalt, sealing it, and repainting the lines. Curbs and catch basins might also be addressed during this process.

Keeping your parking lot smooth goes beyond aesthetics; it creates a positive first impression for your customers. Well-maintained pavement lasts up to 25% longer than neglected surfaces, and Workers For Warriors recommends sealcoating every 3-5 years for optimal protection.

This frequency can adjust based on factors like traffic and weather. The key is to prioritize maintenance over costly replacements. Sealcoating acts as a shield, protecting your asphalt from water, chemicals, and sun damage that cause cracks and potholes. It creates a barrier to minimize this damage and keeps the asphalt flexible to resist cracks.

For a successful sealcoating job, Workers For Warriors uses high-quality materials and ensures proper surface preparation, including special attention to oil stains for optimal adhesion. We use the right amount of sealant to ensure both protection and a beautiful finish. Beyond extending the lifespan of your pavement, sealcoating offers additional benefits like improved curb appeal, easier cleaning, and smoother surfaces for snow removal and sweeping.

Sealcoating requires specific weather conditions for optimal results. The temperature needs to be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit, ideally even higher, throughout the application and curing process. To ensure proper curing, avoid traffic on the sealed surface for at least 18 hours. This is why sealcoating projects often happen on weekends, overnight, or in sections. Additionally, choose a time frame with no rain expected for at least 2 days and avoid watering the area.

Get Commercial Parking Lot Services In Pennsylvania

Workers For Warriors is more than just a Veteran commercial landscape company. WFW offers a wide range of commercial, municipal, and industrial maintenance and cleaning services. We aim to provide the highest quality service and make the greatest community impact of all of our competition. As a Veteran owned and operated company, our goal is to support those who have served our country while serving the local economy with the best in parking lot services. Contact licensed and insured Workers for Warriors today to request a free commercial parking lot service quote at (570) 369-3026.