Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Lawns in PA

Landscaping 2023

Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Lawns in PA

As a commercial property owner, first impressions can make or break you. At Workers For Warriors (WFW), we design and maintain landscapes in Pennsylvania. Whether it is municipal or commercial business landscape, WFW helps enhance both the form and the function of your property.

Our business landscape services provide the best in aesthetics and create interaction between customers and property. Our professional team can design and maintain a landscape that:

  • Promotes your company’s objectives and brand.
  • Promotes customer engagement, hospitality and direct foot traffic.
  • Entices customers and accentuates the architecture and property features
  • Conserves energy and resources

Professional landscaping services from WFW can design and implement a landscape that meets your desired needs and level of maintenance.

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What Are Some DIY Landscaping Ideas?

Some rather simple landscaping ideas can have a profound impact on your commercial landscape. A property that exhibits a well maintained and inviting appearance significantly improves customers and employees opinions of the facility. Some tips to improve your commercial property’s curb appeal:

  • Focus on your facility’s entrance. A welcoming and inviting entrance to your building can impact those who use it.
  • Utilize plants and materials with complimentary colors and textures in your landscape.
  • Incorporate outdoor furniture into your landscape.
  • Incorporate focal points into your landscape with decorative features and hardscapes.
  • Accent your building and keep it safe by utilizing outdoor lighting.
  • Routine maintenance and repairs to any damaged areas that could pose a safety hazard and debris removal.
  • Fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide applications.

These 2023 Pennsylvania business landscaping ideas can significantly improve the value of your property. The professional experience of WFW can help mitigate some common pitfalls that arise in the commercial landscapes such as complying to local ordinances, appropriate plant selections, and irrigation. Consulting an expert landscaper in Pennsylvania may save you valuable time and money: (570) 369-3026.

Commercial Landscaping Trends in 2023

Updating your facility’s commercial landscape is an excellent way to impress your customers and boost the morale of your employees. Our team at WFW can update your landscape to one that is appealing and sustainable. Some current trends in commercial landscaping are:

  • Create recreation spaces by installing benches and picnic tables.
  • Create decorative backdrops and sensory experiences by using LED lighting and plants with fragrances
  • Create a sustainable landscape by using native plants and innovative irrigation systems
  • Create a landscape that draws interest; incorporate water features and seasonal container gardens.

A facelift for your facility can not only improve your curb appeal, but lessen the amount of maintenance and be more environmentally friendly. Workers For Warriors does MORE than just landscaping. We can help you design and construct your commercial or municipal landscape.

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Sustainable Lawns Trend in Pennsylvania

A trend that is sweeping the nation for 2023 is movement towards sustainable lawns for your business. A sustainable lawn in Pennsylvania preserves natural resources and improves the environment. This trend is not only environmentally conscious, it also can reduce costs to the property owner if designed and maintained properly. Traditional lawns are responsible for the greatest water consumption of any crop. They also require large quantities of fuel, pesticides, and fertilizer.

Sustainable lawns are rapidly gaining popularity in the commercial PA landscape. Most commonly trending are wild flower and butterfly gardens, using native plants to create natural spaces for wildlife. Bioswales are now being used in areas prone to water erosion or poor drainage. Utilizing a variety of plants to mitigate the effects of water, bioswales can both increase aesthetics and protect your property. Prairie grasses are also becoming a key ingredient in sustainable lawns. These hardy, low-maintenance plants add beauty while providing a number of environmental amenities.

While blending form, function, and beauty, the sustainable lawn minimizes demand on resources and promotes positive environmental impacts. WFW is a local Pennsylvania landscaper that will work with you to figure out your lawn needs. Contact us today!

Professional PA Landscaping with WFW

Workers For Warriors provides the best in commercial landscape services in Pennsylvania. At WFW, our mission is to have a positive impact on our community. We are a veteran-owned and operated company that provides opportunities and awareness for our veterans.

Your patronage of WFW supports those that have served our country and the local economy, while receiving the best in landscape services. Contact us at (570) 369-3026 or request a landscaping quote.


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