Winter Landscaping Tips for your Business

Winter Landscaping

Many commercial businesses have a hard time maintaining their landscaping and lawn care during the winter months. Despite all the work put into landscaping during previous seasons, the winter months bring adverse weather conditions and temperatures that make maintaining a healthy lawn difficult.
Landscaping can wildly vary based on the local climate and the type of weather in that area. In this article, Workers For Warriors will assume our audience is Pennsylvania commercial business owners looking for winter landscaping tips. However, much like WFW commercial landscaping services, they are not limited to just land care tips in PA.

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Landscaping in the Winter

During the spring & summer months, commercial landscapers can expect to plant, weed, and trim their plants. In the winter, many plants are dormant or die during winter. Nevertheless, there are still many landscaping & maintenance steps that can be taken to help ensure the health of the lawns and other plant life.

Because there are many ways for winter weather and temperatures to impact plant life, winter landscaping is often focused on maintaining the health of the lawn and making every effort to prevent damage. If you want to discuss a plan for your commercial landscaping, then call WFW: (570) 369-3026.

Tips for Commercial Winter Lawn Care

Lawn care during the winter months can be an extremely challenging prospect for any property owner. Higher levels of rain, snow, and freezing conditions can all result in unhealthy lawns that often include bare patches and dead grass. Because lawn care can be so difficult during this time, there are several steps one can take to prevent this:

Remove debris and rake leaves

Although decaying plant material can provide compost for your lawn, leaves and other debris can often choke out grass and other landscaping, meaning that your lawn could be patchy or dead by the following spring and summer.

Maintain proper lawn length

Make sure your lawn length is somewhere between 2 and 2.5 inches – this will ensure protection of new growth and prevent pests and other wildlife from using your lawn as a food source.

Fertilize before the first freeze

Assuming that temperatures in your area will drop to freezing, make sure to properly fertilize and aerate your garden before the ground hardens.

Apply Mulch

Mulch can be an essential ingredient to protecting your plants from erosion and water loss, ensuring that your plants survive through the harsh winter months.

Trim and Prepare for Snow and Ice

Pruning plants allows you to make sure that any branches and other parts of the plant will not freeze or become potential hazards later. Additionally, this allows for new growth to occur in the spring.

Use Wire Mesh and Other Protective Materials

New trees and other recently planted landscaping are especially at risk during winter, both to the elements and to wildlife. Mesh and other protective materials can discourage damage to these plants.

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Top Winter Landscaping Tips for Property Owners

Although lawn care is an important aspect of winter landscaping, there are many other examples of landscaping for businesses that also need additional care and attention during the winter months. Your commercial property may have trees, bushes, and shrubs that are at risk of damage during the winter. Protecting some of these thinner-barked items with mesh wire and other protective materials can help ensure their health during the winter.

Additionally, many businesses take the opportunity to trim any landscaping on their property. Many trees and larger bushes can be at risk of freezing, which can damage both the plant and present a potential danger to people on the property.

Furthermore, many local business owners intentionally choose winter plants, as these can survive the colder months with little maintenance. Many owners also choose to winterize their sprinkler system to ensure that none of the water lines freeze and cause additional water damage.

Finally, adding hardware like additional lighting can help beautify your landscaping but (more importantly) ensure the safety of anyone walking on your property.

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Winter Snow Removal and Snow Landscaping Services for Your Business

An important aspect of land care for businesses is their parking lot and sidewalk maintenance.

  • Once winter snow starts, businesses need to make sure their sidewalks are properly maintained to avoid costly slip and fall lawsuits. Snow salt should be placed along your pavement ahead of time and snow shoveling should be done within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Parking lots need to accommodate enough spaces for their customers. A snow plow will move snow but what your business may need is snow removal.

In addition to local snow removal and local snow plowing for your Pennsylvania business, Workers For Warriors is capable of offering full-service grounds maintenance. Business owners can expect winter parking lot maintenance and other winter land care services designed to ensure that your property remains impressive and beautiful for years to come.

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Workers For Warriors has been in the commercial & municipal landscaping business for over three years. We continue to make it our goal to be an industry leader in hiring local Veterans & providing clients with exceptional service. Our Veteran employees are extremely dedicated and dependable, meaning that you can remain assured that your commercial lawn and landscaping will be beautiful once the Spring begins. Inquire about our winter landscaping services in PA:

  • Weeding, pruning, and edging
  • Mowing
  • Removal/trimming of dead plants and trees
  • Spreading fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Planting and trimming of garden spaces
  • Clean-up services
  • Parking lot line striping and crack sealing
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