What Qualities Make a Good Landscaper?

Applying to Be a Landscaper

If you are interested in changing the direction of your career, you may have wondered if a landscaping career is a good option for you. However, if you’ve never been a landscaper before, you might also be wondering if you have the qualities that make a good commercial landscaper.

At WFW, here are some of the qualities we look for in our commercial Pennsylvania landscaper:

  • First, that person must have great attention to detail. A good landscaper can recognize small details that can make a big difference in the quality of a well-cared for lawn.
  • Secondly, great landscapers must have a strong worth ethic. Landscaping is a profession that requires a lot of hard work and to be a good landscaper you must have a drive to work hard.
  • Finally, a good landscaper must be willing to learn and motivated to improve. The landscaping industry is always evolving as technology changes and as customer needs evolve. Consequently, it’s important as a landscaper to always be curious about the industry.

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How to Become a Landscaper

Becoming a landscaper can be a rewarding career, but it does take a little work to get into the field. The first step is usually to do a little bit of research. Learn about what type of things a landscaper does, the tools they use, and how to accomplish these various duties. This will help you be able to make a better impression when you start interviewing with various landscaping companies.

You may also need to do some research on landscaping companies in Pennsylvania hiring entry level landscapers. It’s important to know that many landscapers require some education, like a high school diploma, and they also require that you be able to operate a car.

If you are fortunate enough to know somebody already working in the landscaping industry, it is also helpful to try to connect with them so that you can learn more skills and make connections with other landscapers.

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What Are the Job Duties of a Landscaper?

The goal of Workers For Warriors is to provide a comprehensive and professional solution to a well-maintained and beautiful lawn for commercial property landscaping services in PA. We strive to make sure that our commercial client’s lawns are well-maintained and look well-kept.

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It’s helpful to break down landscaping duties into daily duties, springtime duties, and wintertime duties.

Daily Landscaping Duties

Daily landscaping duties consist of the jobs that you would do regularly for a client depending on specific needs. This might include trimming trees and hedges, watering gardens or lawns, weeding, mulching, mowing, edging, or fertilizing. This also includes removing any plant debris or other unwanted, damaged, or dead trees and plants.

Spring Landscaping Duties

Springtime landscaping duties consist of activities that are primarily focused as the weather begins to warm up. One of the first things that landscapers do in the springtime is assess winter damage. Cold weather can take a toll on trees shrubs and other plants, and in some cases kill them off entirely. Thus, the main springtime activity consists of removing dead or damaged plants, removing dead leaves and other casualties of the wintertime before moving on to more of the day today activities.

The other main task of spring timeline landscaping is preparing for planting new plants or shrubs. This includes spreading fresh mulch overall garden beds, treating soil to prevent weeds and kill off mold and tuning up any irrigation systems your client may have installed.

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Winter Landscaping Duties

You don’t often think of wintertime as a time to perform landscaping duties, but there are still plenty of things to do when the weather turns cold. During this time of year, landscapers or begin weather prepping trees so that they can survive the harsh environment. This might consist of pruning trees ambushes, clearing out dead branches and brush, removing dead trees or branches, and ensuring that plants and gardens are properly covered to prevent winter burn. Learn about some additional winter tips for business landscaping.

What Is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is a branch of landscaping that focuses on design and maintenance of lawns and common areas in commercial properties. Instead of focusing on individual homes, commercial landscapers strive to make businesses have curb appeal and create a more welcoming environment for the business’s customers.

How Many Hours Do WFW Commercial Landscapers Work?

Workers For Warriors offers something that our typical commercial landscaping companies can’t offer, and that is a starting pay of $25 – $30 an hour. Unlike most landscapers in Pennsylvania, we are able to offer this because our positions are part-time and seasonal work for Pennsylvanians looking for supplemental income.

The amount of hours varies wildly depending on your location and the season. These factors affect how much work is available. One thing to note is that even when it rains, our commercial landscapers are typically able to ensure that you work the hours that you were promised, as there are still plenty of landscaping tasks that can be completed when it’s raining.

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How to Apply for a Landscaping Career at WFW

Workers For Warriors is hiring landscapers all year long, and all throughout Pennsylvania. Use this link to apply for a landscaping career. Not only are we hiring for landscapers, WFW is also seeking hard-working Veterans and current service members for general labor positions.

Our commercial landscaper pay is very competitive for Pennsylvania at $25-$30/hr. We also offer a referral bonus for our Plant Outage work. Please email us for details regarding referral bonuses or any other questions you may have about applying for a landscaping career with WFW.


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