The Advantages of Green Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Green Landscaping

More and more Pennsylvanians are making a conscious effort to lessen their negative impact on the environment. To many people living in PA, going green means being less wasteful, using renewable energies or maybe even driving an electric car. There are ways for Pennsylvania to “go green” but one that sometimes gets overlooked is your landscaping!

Green landscaping is where you make environmentally friendly decisions when landscaping your commercial property to promote a sustainable ecosystem and not cause damage to the surrounding environment. In this way you can have the benefit of a perfectly manicured property while also feeling assured start your landscaping is not detrimental to the environment.

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What is “Green Landscaping” for Pennsylvania Business?

Broadly put, green landscaping is where you take into consideration the impact your lawn is going to have on the surrounding wildlife, environment, ecosystems and nature. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you just plant lots of foliage and encourage the growth of many “green” things around your property – though adding plant life can be a great way to make your landscaping more green.

For Pennsylvania businesses, an upgrade to a green landscape means you consider ways to save resources, reduce power costs, protect the surrounding air, soil and water, and really encourage the health and growth of the natural area surrounding your space. This might mean that you install a water efficient sprinkler systems, use natural mulches (rather than chemical fertilizers), install hardscapes and boulders that prevent erosion, and choose native PA plants versus an invasive menace.

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The Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Landscaping in PA

Admittedly, green landscaping requires a little extra work in that it requires you to make a bigger effort in understanding how your landscaping practices affect the surrounding environment. However, the benefits are significant.

One of the largest benefits is that sustainable landscaping will save you money in the long run. This is because such landscapes typically require minimal fertilizers and pesticides, and often reduced water usage. In many ways, sustainable landscapes require less maintenance because they should contain native plants from Pennsylvania that are used to the local conditions. Consequently, such plants need less human intervention in order to thrive.

Finally, because sustainable landscaping easily fits into a balanced ecosystem, the plants use naturally attract pollinators or other creatures in the area that help support and stabilize the ecosystem. This ensures that your landscaping lives longer it is healthier over a greater period of time.

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The Problems with Sustainable Landscaping

While there are a lot of positives to sustainable landscaping, there are some downsides that you should consider before fully committing to green practices. The biggest downside is that the design and customization of your landscaping is a bit limited. There are only a limited number of native plants and flowers in Pennsylvania that may be a good fit for your business property. Using only native flora can limit the colors that are available to your commercial landscape as well.

Additionally, certain native PA plants have a wild look to them, so if your preference is a more manicured look, a sustainable lawn may not be the best choice for you. Lastly, just because sustainable landscapes typically require less maintenance, it does not mean that they are necessarily maintenance free. You might save time watering, fertilizing, or spreading pesticides, but you may spend more costs and time pruning and weeding.

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Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Tips

There are some ways that you can promote susceptibility in a commercial lawn – especially thanks to advances in smart technology. Installing smart irrigation systems and soil sensors can monitor the moisture content of the soil and help identify when watering is necessary. You can also promote green landscaping by incorporating patches of flowers and plants, even in areas that are primarily concrete.

Adding native plants to parking lot islands, near outdoor seating or benches, or even along sidewalks and entryways not only promotes the sustainability of the area, but also curb appeal to an area that is otherwise unflattering to look at.

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Installing Sustainable Landscaping in PA

At Workers For Warriors, we understand that many of our customers are interested in incorporating green landscaping into their commercial lawn projects. For this reason, we strive to offer our customers options to promote sustainability, save resources, and protect the environment.

We have taken the time to educate ourselves about the various native plants and their roles in the ecosystem, discover methods and tools that ensure the health of your commercial lawn while minimizing resources use and avoiding harmful chemicals. We love sharing our business landscaping tips and tricks and supporting local Veteran communities in Pennsylvania.

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